Division of Music

In the past, the Division of Music offered three majors: Master’s Course of Musical Arts, Master’s Course of Vocal Music, and Master’s Course of Instrumental Music. In 2009, however, the division was reorganized and now offers two majors: Master’s Course of Musical Arts and Master’s Course of Performing Arts. The curriculum was changed to make such education and research more suitable to the needs of communities. Based on the study of Christian music that has been a valued element of Ferris University since its foundation, both majors offered by the Division of Music lead students in a clear direction using a functional approach that is in line with their future goals. Whether they are classical music performance activities or music projects focusing on modern social trends, each will contribute towards an ever better future for music in Japan.

Human Development Goal of the Division of Music

Based on Christian music, the basis of Western music, the Division provides education and encourages research on theories and applications in the field of music and thereby develops talented professionals who have not only highly specialized knowledge, ability, and skills, but also qualities that enable them to support the music community in many different ways.

Division of Music Organization Chart

Division of Music Master’s Course of Musical Arts

The Master’s Course of Musical Arts aims to foster highly specialized professionals through a curriculum that makes them more aware of the demands of today’s world. This major emphasizes flexibility and the ability to quickly note rapid changes in the times while focusing ever more closely on the fundamental principle of the Department of Musical Arts (College of Music) curriculum: "connecting people and communities through music." The required electives, such as the Study/Seminar in Composition, Study/Seminar in Applied Music, Study/Seminar in Musical Culture, and Study/Seminar in Musical Communication, are designed to promote open discussion among students with different majors, whereas the Preparation for Master’s Project course is designed to provide detailed, specialized guidance on a one-on-one basis. "

Attempts are being made to keep the tuition for the Master’s Course of Musical Arts the same price as that for Division of Humanities Master’s courses to help alleviate the economic burden. In addition, if Master’s Course of Musical Arts students wish to take practical performance lessons, they can take Performing Arts courses (private lessons) starting in their first year of study.

The Curriculum
Master of Musical Arts


Position Title Name Major
Professor HOSHINO, Satoshi Voice
Professor TATEGAMI, Shoko Piano(Collaborative), Vocal Coach, Musical Analysis & Interpretation, Brain Injury (Cognitive Dysfunction)
Associate Professor KAWAMOTO, Akitsugu Popular Music, Music Theory, Musicology
Associate Professor SETOH, Kohji Computer music
Associate Professor TAKANO, Mari Music theory
Associate Professor TANIGUCHI, Akihiro Historical Musicology, Applied Musicology, Music Journalism

Division of Music Master's Course of Performing Arts

The Master’s Course of Performing Arts focuses on “acquiring the skills used for artistic expression during musical performance and scholarly pursuits for that purpose.” Furthermore, this major offers a curriculum and unique course system that produce music educators, teachers, chamber music artists, accompanists, church organists, and other music professionals in addition to select world-class performers, foster individuals capable of making full use of their abilities in all types of musical settings, and are capable of providing sufficient support for each student’s future career centering on their major field of study.

Since both students and staff devote themselves to the study of music performance, students can focus on acquiring more advanced performance skills and a higher level of artistic expression.

Major Fields of Study
・Vocal music, Piano, Organ, Violin, Viola, Cello, and Flute

The Curriculum
Master of Performing Arts


Position Title Name Major
Professor HORI, Yukiko Piano(Solo,Concerto,Chamber Music)
Professor KURATA, Masayuki Voice
Professor KUROKAWA, Hiroshi Piano Solo,Chamber Music,Concerto
Professor MIYAMOTO, Tomoko Organ,Clavichord
Professor OCHIAI, Atsushi Piano
Professor TODA, Yayoi Violin,Chamber Music
Professor TSUCHIYA, Kojiro Voice(Song,Opera,Christian theology)
Lecturer IDE, Tomoko Flute
Visiting Professor BÄRTSCHI, Werner Piano