Entrance Examinationsfor Foreign Students

Ferris University holds its entrance examination from fall throughout winter. Matriculation is in April only.

Entrance Examination for International Students

This is a system designed for foreign nationals who currently live in Japan and wish to study at a Japanese University. Results of Examination for Japanese University Admission for International Students (EJU) will be used as a first round of selection. Those who have passed the EJU can proceed to the second round.

Application Period: January
Entrance Examination: February

*International students other than the above category are required to take the same entrance examination as the Japanese students.

Entrance Examination for Transfer Students
This is a system designed to enhance opportunities for university education (2nd Year Transfer is only available to those who wish to study at the Faculty of Global and Intercultural Studies.)

Application Period: (Faculty of Letters, Faculty of Global and Intercultural Studies) November, (College of Music) January
Entrance Examination: (Faculty of Letters and Faculty of Global and Intercultural Studies) November, (College of Music) February.

Entrance Examination for Working Individuals
This is a system designed for individuals who are already in employment to have the opportunity to study at the university. This allows students with rich experience to enjoy their learning at our university.

Application Period: October
Entrance Examination: November

Entrance Examination for the Graduate School
With a system of individualized instructions and a supervising professor in place, we are proud to provide full support for students engaging in research activity.

Application Period: Fall schedule: Beginning of October, Spring schedule: End of January
Entrance Examination: Fall Schedule: Mid-October, Spring schedule: Mid-February

For eligibility and application forms, see the Ferris University Admissions Website (Japanese).