International Activities

Short-term Study Abroad

What is The Short-term Study Abroad Program?

Short-term Study Abroad is an intensive one-to-four week program during the summer or spring vacation. This program is offered as a subject and granted as credits at our university. Every year, 100 to 150 students are enrolled in this program to improve their language skills and experience a foreign culture. After this program, participants use their cross-cultural experiences and challenge themselves by setting new goals to achieve in life.

List of Short-term Study Abroad Program Destinations

Short-term Study Abroad Locations Course Subjects
Université Catholique de l’Ouest (France) Language Studies Abroad (French)
IIK (Germany) Language Studies Abroad (German)
Universidad de Salamanca (Spain) Language Studies Abroad (Spanish)
Tsinghua University (China) Language Studies Abroad (Chinese)
Ewha Womans University (Korea) Language Studies Abroad (Korean)
Rosemont College (U.S.A.) Field Study in American Culture
Perth College (U.K.) Field Study in British Culture
Victoria University (Canada) Spring Abroad/North-American Field Study
Bond University Australian Field Study
Silliman University and others (Philippines) Field Study in Asian Culture
Kiribati Environmental Field Study
East China Normal University (China)
/Fu Jen Catholic University(Taiwan)
Teaching Practice of Japanese Language