Message from the University President

Ferris Jogakuin began close to 150 years ago, in 1870, as Japan’s first modern institution for women’s education. Back then, it was believed in some quarters that girls and women did not need to study at school. Our founder was the American missionary Mary E. Kidder, and we became an educational institution that was a step ahead of its time in Japan. From our earliest days, Ferris has firmly believed in the importance of women's education and porticipation in society.

Back in 1870, there were still official notices prohibiting Christianity — the Japanese people were not allowed to practice Christianity. And yet, the school that would later become our university was founded on the principle of female education based on Christian beliefs. In Japan, this was a bold approach ahead of its time. That principle has never changed. Our university has roots going back to those early days, but has evolved into a most progressive and modern university. This has been our history, and we look forward with confidence to more advances in the future.

We have always espoused “For Others” as our ideal. Our university has recently focused on issues prevalent today, stressing the value of a social consciousness that favors harmony with others. Our students are proactive in tackling environmental problems, working towards multicultural coexistence in local communities, volunteering, promoting barrier-free infrastructure, and more. We regard “For Others” not as a catchphrase, but as a guidepost that leads us to practice its ideals every day.

Ferris University is known for its liberal traditions and methods. We value freedom, but not the freedom to do whatever one wants. The New Testament says, “The truth will make you free “(John 8:32), and we believe that the pursuit of truth will bring freedom. Our students’ pivotal years at university bring them into contact with ways of thinking, visualizing and conceptualizing that will support them throughout their lives, giving them the freedom to live as they see fit, without being threatened or confused by the words of others, without feeling that they have to follow the demands of others. Ferris University looks forward to continuing offering students opportunities to learn and study in pursuit of their own freedom.

Yo Akioka, President