Qualification Process and Courses

Japanese Language Teacher Training Course

Welcome to the Japanese Language Teacher Training Course

Do you wish to become a bridge between Japan and the world? "Japanese language teachers" are responsible for teaching Japanese to foreigners. It is a profession that is gaining more attention every year as the world is becoming increasingly global. Those taking this course will learn how to impart knowledge of the Japanese language and culture to people from overseas, and thus become bridges between Japan and the rest of the world. Why not aim to become a Japanese teacher yourself?

Teaching Practice Overseas

As the globalization of society continues, interactions between Japan and other countries are set to increase, and the number of foreigners, both inside and outside Japan, who wish to study Japanese is already increasing rapidly. This has led to a rising demand for talented teachers of Japanese language. Moreover, as interest in Japan grows, there is a growing need for people who are capable of accurately imparting knowledge about Japanese culture. The "Japanese teacher training course" at this university has been designed to meet these needs. Although most subjects in this course are offered as specialized subjects for the Faculty of Letters, they can also be taken up by students from any faculty or department to accommodate their interests. One of the most important features of the Japanese teacher training course is the opportunity to engage in teaching practice abroad (China and Taiwan). Teaching practice through interaction with local people has proven to be a very effective way of learning.

A New "Professional Course"

A formal licensing system for Japanese language teachers is currently unavailable in Japan; however, those who have completed this course will receive a "Certificate of Completion of Japanese Language Teaching Course" upon graduation. The Faculty also offers subjects designed to help students pass the "Japanese Language Teaching Competency Test" (authorized by the Society for Teaching Japanese as a Foreign Language) hosted by Japan Educational Exchanges and Services. From 2003, in addition to the major and minor specialized courses offered in the past, the department initiated a more in-depth "Professional Course" in order to help increase the competency of Japanese language teachers to a higher level.