IT Center

The Information Center is located on the 2nd Floor of Building No. 4 on the Ryokuen Campus. The Center manages and operates the information network system designed for providing educational and research assistance for students and teachers, while it also supports the university offices that manage such educational and research efforts.

Center for Religious Life

The Center for Religious Life provides administrative support for Christian activities at Ferris University.

Volunteer Center

The Ferris University Volunteer Center was opened in April 2003 in a cooperative effort of students and the University to support and promote volunteer activities.

The encounters with working people in various fields through volunteer activities will provide students with a valuable opportunity to grow. At the same time, volunteer activities will allow students to tap their boundless potential on specific working sites, which can lead to students' significant contributions to society. We hope that young women will grow as citizens who are productive members of society, willingly making efforts to work hard.

Language Center

Ferris University offers various language courses. English and Intensive Courses for first-time learners of various languages (French, German, Spanish, Chinese, and Korean) have two types of courses: the Intensive Course and the Standard Course. The Intensive Course includes four to six lessons per week, whereas the Standard Course has two lessons per week. We also provide a two languages course track that includes English as well as one language from Intensive Courses for first-time learners of various languages. Besides these, students can also select, according to their interests, from among Italian, Latin, Ancient Greek, and Japanese.

Paris International City of Art(France)

This facility is mainly used by Ferris graduates to promote cultural exchanges between Japan and France as well as to help them improve specialized techniques and become global citizens. The two studios at this facility are used for graduates from the College of Music (and graduates from the Graduate School of Music) when they attend music trainings or concerts through study abroad or participate in competitions.