Career Support

Your career (working life) starts to take shape the moment you begin thinking about it. To acquire a lifestyle that suits you, it is very important to discover your own values. With this in mind, we have a support system in place that starts in the 1st year. The goal of this system is to help students get a holistic picture of employment by seeking the meaning and value of work, learning about the job market for university graduates and the types of skills they need, and developing the personal strengths they can bring to the world of work.

At Ferris, our mission is to cultivate women who will serve as leaders of the new era. We therefore aim to help our students walk along a path towards a successful in every way possible.

Since each student walks on a different path, there are various matters to be considered. We attempt to provide each student with personalized and carefully considered support.

We wish to help brighten your past, present, and future!

Career Seminars

Employment orientation sessions, open seminars, meetings with successful job-hunters, job interview practice, a preparatory course for employment exams, and a training course for broadcasters.

Career Counseling

Students are typically concerned about choosing the right career. The Career Development Office provides appointment-based private advising on a needs basis in which highly experienced staff offer personalized advice.

2019 Post-Graduation Career Paths

  Faculty of Letters Faculty of Global and Intercultural Studies College of Music Total
Number of graduates 299 220 75 594
Percent accounted for 100% 100% 100% 100%
Total number of graduates seeking work 272 198 56 526
Number of graduates in employment Company employees 248 183 43 474
Public servants (incl. those on fixed-term contracts) 2 4 2 8
Teachers (incl. part-time teachers) 4 1 5 10
Other 12 6 4 22
Total number of graduates employed 266 194 54 514
Number of graduates not yet employed 6 4 2 12
Number of graduates pursuing further study Graduate school 4 1 4 9
University 0 0 1 1
Study Abroad 3 2 0 5
Junior college 0 1 0 1
Specialized training collges 0 1 0 1
Total 7 5 5 17
Part-time workers 4 9 4 17
Not in employment 16 8 10 34