Foreign Languages

Language Subjects

Speaking to the world

To raise individuals who can connect to people all over the world with borderless visions and ideas, Ferris University offers a unique, yet advanced language program, continuing its long tradition of training students with an international outlook. The program, which is not easy to find at other universities, is offered to students of all faculties and departments.

A wide variety of language choices
For students who wish to study English intensively, the university offers the "Intensive English Course." For those who wish to concentrate on a language other than English, the university also offers the "Intensive Course for first-time learners of various languages," such as French, German, Spanish, Chinese, and Korean. Each Faculty and Department offers a wide variety of language courses from which students can choose.

Thorough instructions in small classes
Intensive Course

In the Intensive English Course, training is conducted in small classes consisting of around 18 students in the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd years with the aim of achieving a TOEFL iBT score of 79. In the Intensive Course for first-time learners of various languages, the instructions are also given in small classes. While taking on a language class upon matriculation, students later have the opportunity to study at a foreign country where their target language of study is spoken. Our goal is to help students improve their abilities to a level at which their target language will become useful in work or research. (If the number of applicants exceeds the enrollment limit, selection will be implemented.)

Choice of 10 languages
Besides English and the five other languages for first-time learners, students also have the opportunity to study three additional foreign languages, such as ancient Greek, Latin, and Italian, which are offered as "Cultural Languages," as well as "Japanese," which is offered as a language subject. Students may select any of these languages according to their interests.

Intensive English Course

Students enroll in the Intensive English Course during the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd academic year, earning a total of 20 credits within two years. Students who select this course will have six lessons per week in the 1st year, five lessons per week in the 2nd year, and two lessons per week in the 3rd year. Through this intensive training, they are expected to substantially improve their English abilities, reaching a TOEFL iBT score of 79 or higher.

Standard Course

The Standard English Course consists of "Reading and Writing" and "Listening and Speaking" as the basis of teaching contents. For "Reading and Writing," students use a variety of English materials to improve their reading ability by trying to understand the gist of a text and extract the information required. Students also learn the meaning and correct usage of new words and phrases and how to express their opinions in English.

"Listening and Speaking" aims to enable students to develop skills to the point wherein they can fully understand spoken English, for example, even through audio and visual equipment, and accurately convey their opinions in English so that they can communicate in a variety of situations, such as interpersonal conversations and simple discussions.

Elective Subjects

Elective subjects are offered in addition to required subjects. They are designed for improving communication in English, such as speaking and discussion, learning basic grammar, building vocabulary, acquiring practical ability in using English, building capability in reading comprehension and composition in highly specialized fields, and preparing for TOEIC and TOEFL. These subjects can be freely selected and taken from first year to fourth year to suit individual study programs.