General Subjects

General Studies
General Studies includes subjects that cover timely content and interdisciplinary topics not covered in the Basic Studies. General Studies provide awareness of issues and help develop the ability to deal with them.

“Feminine Gender,” “Others,” “the Environment” and “a Time of Change” are keywords in the major academic topics at Ferris University. These are organized into three perspectives: “Find Yourself, Know Your Place,” “From the Past to the Future,” and “Discover New World.” All General Studies come under one of these three and the “Development of Christianity,” which deals with various aspects of Christianity.

In “Find Yourself, Know Your Place,” we consider the modern self and others in “Feminine Gender” and “For Others,” respectively. In addition, we cover the economic society that surrounds the self in “Career Design,” particularly from the perspective of “work.” In “From the Past to the Future,” we look at the sustainable world from a long-term perspective in “Environment” and “Living in a Time of Change.” In “Discover New World,” we develop subjects that are specifically designed with suggestions from students, faculty members, administrative staff and other people connected to Ferris University.

In General Studies, we offer a “seasonal” education that makes all students think about what current issues are in the world and how to handle them.