Faculty Members

Faculty of Letters

Department of English Language and Literature

BATES, James W. Lecturer English Language Education
BRATTON, Theodore A. Lecturer English Language Education
HELLER, Patrick S. Associate Professor English Language Education
KOIZUMI, Izumi Associate Professor American Literature
KONDO, Ariyuki Professor History of British Art, Architecture and Design
MILIANO, Peter A. Lecturer English Language Education
MUKAI, Hidetada Professor English Literature and British Studies
NAKAGAWA, Masanori Professor American Studies, Latino Studies
OHATA, Kota Professor Applied Linguistics (Second Language Acquisition), English Language Education
SATO,Azusa Lecturer English Language Education
SEKIGUCHI,Yohei Assistant Professor American Studies,American Literature,Film and Media Studies,Gender Studies
SMITH,Scott W. Assistant Professor English Language Education
TOGASHI, Go Professor English Poetry
UMEZAKI, Toru Professor American History
YOHENA, Shoko Professor English Linguistics, Sociolinguistics
YUI, Tetsuya Professor British Literature and Culture, English

Department of Japanese Language and Literature

KATSUTA, Koki Professor History of Japanese Language
MATSUDA, Hiroshi Professor Ancient Japanese Literature
SATO, Yuko Professor Modern Japanese Literature
SHIMAMURA, Teru Professor Modern Japanese Literature
SONG, Han Associate Professor Classical Chinese Literature,
Sino-japanese Comparative Literature
TAKEUCHI, Masahiko Professor Japanese Literature in Heian Period
TANAKA, Rina Associate Professor Japanese Language Education
TANI, Tomoko Professor Japanese Literature in Middle Period
YOSHIDA, Yayoi Professor Japanese Literature in Early Modern, Theatre Research
YOU, Haiyan Visiting Professor Classical Japanese Literature, Sino-japanese Comparative Literature

Department of Communication Studies

AIZAWA, Hajime Associate Professor Paul Tillich Studies, Christianity and Other Religions, Religion and Psychotherapy
FUJIMAKI, Mitsuhiro Professor Communication Studies (Media Studies, Rhetorical Studies)
INOUE, Emiko Professor History of Japanese Gender Education
MOROHASHI, Taiki Professor Mass Communication, Sociology, Women's Studies
OGAYA, Chiho Professor Transnational Sociology, Migration Studies, Gender Studies, Philippine Area Studies
SAITO, Koji Professor Phonetics, Sociolinguistics, Dialectology
SHIOMURA, Kimihiro Professor Cultural Psychology, Cognitive Social Psychology
TAKADA, Akinori Professor Contemporary Philosophy, Media Studies, Information and Communication
TAKAHASHI, Kyoko Associate Professor Dance Studies, Anthropology of Sports
YAMAZAKI, Koichi Associate Professor Clinical Developmental Psychology, Educational Psychology